When it comes to buying vs. renting the choice can be hard. It really depends on your personal finances and what your goals are. Here are some quick pros and cons to consider.

Renting/On post Pros

  • No paying for your own maintenance
  • Free yard care on post
  • No monetary commitment when you PCS aside from deposits.

Renting Cons

  • Rental payments may increase when you renew lease
  • Landlord approval needed for any
  • No capitalization; your money
    disappears forever
  •  Rental is temporary

Buying Pros

  • Excellent tax deductions for your mortgage on interest paid
  • Mortgage payments could be fixed Decorate and make changes, without
    prior approval
  • The value of your property may increase
    over time
  • Your house will become a home, not a
    temporary living situation; you are not at
    the mercy of a landlord
  • Rental income when you PCS

Buying Cons

  • May not sell immediately when you PCS
  • Having renters can be good or bad
  • All maintenance is on you

Talk to your family about which pros are most important to you!

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