Having a second kid has really highlighted the fact that I have too much kid stuff (and stuff in general). I find myself constantly picking up a rotation of 700 Shopkins off my floor so that I don’t step on one and die. I needed a change and decided to jump on the minimalist home bandwagon. Now, I would love to go all in and turn my house into some sparse super clean dream home but that’s not realistic with a toddler so I had to tweak the plan and compromise in some areas.


First, I decided to tackle the kids clothes. I seriously had 8 tubs of stores baby clothes from Aubrey’s last 3 years which is insane, I know. I had my husband get out all 8 and dumped them all in the living room so I would be forced to do it all at once. Then I went through it one by one and if it was from Walmart or some other replaceable store I put it in the donate bag. Then I went through what was left and asked myself if I loved it (Marie Kondo style). If I didn’t, it also went for donation. I gave myself 1 tub and had to relegate the rest to fit into it. It was difficult to take the “but she wore this when” emotions out of it but it helped to have my husband there to remind me that’s why we took pictures. The feeling after getting everything down to 1 tub was pure joy and relief and it encouraged me to keep going.



Second, the toys. My biggest problem with the toys was the mindset that I paid for these and maybe I will have more kids blah blah blah. I justified this by telling myself that my next kid will want his own toys and it sucks to get nothing but hand me downs. I used the same principle with the toys as with the clothes. If it’s cheap and replaceable it goes unless she currently plays with it a lot. Missing parts? Broken? Been in the bottom of the toy box forever? Gone! I also relegated myself to the toy box. What’s left has to fit. I can’t expect her to clean up her stuff if there is too much to fit in the toy box.


These two steps have really helped me pair down my clutter. This means I have less to clean up and more time to play. Don’t get me wrong, it is a constant battle because we are constantly buying new toys and have to remind ourselves that if something comes in, something else must go out. It is, however, worth it to to feel like you are controlling the stuff and it’s not controlling you. My home is officially a much happier place and I wont be hauling all of the junk around as we PCS.