Hey there ya’ll. I wanted to drop a quick note for those that are looking to take advantage of the free LinkedIn Premium offer. In speaking with My SECO Coach, I learned about some of the specific eligibility requirement for being able to use this service. The specific eligibility requirements to meet for LinkedIn Premium are as follows; if you are doing a PCS move 6 months or less from now, or it’s 6 months or less after your last PCS move, then you meet the requirement for a year of free LinkedIn Premium access. Military spouses can use this benefit each time they PCS to a new duty station.  This benefit is also for spouses who are within 6 months of separation from the military.

If you do not fit within these perimeters, I don’t either, then please make sure that you are logging into the MySECO page and using their services, especially setting up an appointment with a career coach.


More to come!!


As always…

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